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The Bohemian

yoga and holistic therapy

psychic readings

:: Prices ::

In Person Reading

60 mins :: £25

In Person Reading

30 mins :: £15

Live Online Reading

30 mins :: £15


Readings take place online via zoom* or in person either at my home in Priorslee, Telford or at the Jehandra Therapy Centre in Shifnal...

*other online options available on request

cheryl marren tarot The Yoga Bohemian
cheryl marren tarot The Yoga Bohemian


The Tarot has always held a great deal of mystery through the ages for those seeking to learn its message. It could even be seen as a map of how we can manage, balance and understand all aspects of our lives to give a more fulfilling outcome in many situations. It gives us windows into the past and the present as well as the many possible futures in order to help us understand how these all link together to form a whole picture of our lives. For many people, a tarot reading becomes an alternative point of reference, not to dictate to us what we must or must not do, but to offer choice and enable us to see how past and present situations may affect our future. It is an intuitive practice and one that gives me great pleasure to perform. 


I work with the runes of The Elder Futhark, which were originally used as a system for writing and communicating by the Germanic peoples in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The word Rune means both 'letter' and 'secret'. Legend has it that Odin descended to the base of the Great Tree, Yggdrasil, to seek the meaning of the runes. In order to gain this profound knowledge, he hanged himself upside down and denied himself any comfort for nine days until eventually the runes gave up their secrets to him. The runic symbols each hold a sound and a meaning and the runes are 'cast' in order to gain insights from them. Their meanings are much more earthy, grounded and often a little more elusive, in my opinion, and a rune reading can be very powerful. 


Oracle cards are simple to use but can be a useful tool in divination. They tend to provide a more direct message given either by a single word or a simple phrase. This can either help to clarify a situation by providing an answer or sometimes to prompt a question which leads to a solution later on. The messages are usually very positive and uplifting so that, even in a negative situation, they offer you a way to see the positive and act as a prompt to help you see your way through. 

Great for single card daily pulls, quick readings or in conjunction with a tarot reading, usually as a starter or a 'closing statement' to a reading... I even sometimes use oracles at the start of a yoga session!

In most readings I combine these tools to give a more in-depth reading