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The Y​oga Bohemian

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Yoga Bohemian News

Here's where you can find all the latest happenings at YogaBoho HQ


🇮🇳 THIS SUNDAY!!! 🇮🇳 16th May 2021

In response to the Covid-19 Emergency in India, I will be guiding any willing participants though a whopping 108 Sun Salutations Fundraiser this Sunday at 10am live on Zoom - would you like to join in?

I will also be broadcasting the event live on Facebook and Instagram so that people can pop in and out to see how we are progressing and maybe make a donation there and then... don't worry, I'll be the only one on camera!

I am really moved to do this, to support those in need at this harrowing time. As Western Yogis, we borrow so much from the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of India. It's time we gave something back!

🇮🇳 You can come along, do as much or as little as you like, or just connect and support us as we move through the sequences...

🇮🇳If you're interested to join in, please get in touch so I can send you the meeting will take about 90mins-ish to get through the 108 salutations...!

🇮🇳 ALL ARE WELCOME! Even if you don’t practice yoga, you’re welcome to join us to see what it’s all about!

Please don’t be put off by the enormity of the task! If you want to join in just for a few rounds or even just to offer your support, you’re still welcome to come along and join - there’s no pressure to do all 108 🙈

🇮🇳 Please donate if you can... every donation, however small, adds up to something bigger... 


In love and light and for the highest good...

donations now closed - thank you to all those who supported me!


From now on, it's going to be SOOO much easier to book your online sessions with me and if you sign up for the YogaBoho ALL ACCESS PASS, you'll also get unlimited access to the ever-growing video library YogaFlix so you'll be able to grab a practice whenever and wherever you are... 

For £40 per month, the all access pass will be an investment into your wellbeing that will grow in value over time as I increase the amount of content available...

I plan to include all live practice recordings, shorter practices to fit inside lunchtimes, morning practices, evening practices, asana clinics, pranayama tutorials, Yoga Nidra, meditations and loads more things that will no doubt come to me as time progresses!

:: words of wisdom ::

The pace of life is fast and challenging enough... it's time to find ways to slow down and nourish your soul...

Cheryl Marren :: The Yoga Bohemian