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The Y​oga Bohemian

holistic therapies

:: Prices ::

Crystal Healing

60 mins :: £30

Reiki Healing

60 mins :: £30

Ear Candling with mini face massage

45 mins :: £30

Indian Head Massage

45 mins :: £30


Treatments take place either at my own home therapy room in Priorslee, Telford or at the Jehandra Therapy Centre in Shifnal...

:: About the Treatments ::

crystal healing

Crystals have long been known to possess powerful energies that can help us align and balance the energy within and around our bodies to bring about a healing effect. Working closely with the 7 main Chakras (energy centres along the centre of the body) we can use selections of crystals placed on or around the body to give gentle yet powerful healing and relaxation. The treatment works on balancing the chakras, cleansing the entire body and energy field and repairing the aura. Crystal energy nets can also be used in conjunction with colour healing to bring about specific healing effects and to stimulate or relax certain parts of the body or elements of the psyche. 

reiki healing

Reiki energy healing has existed in various forms for thousands of years. By placing the hands lightly on or over certain areas of the recipient's fully clothed body and in the energy field, the practitioner can channel the Universal Energies into healing and cleansing. Energy (also known as prana, Chi or Ki) can stagnate in the body in and around areas where physical injury or emotional pain has been and this treatment aims to target those areas and allow the energy to dissipate, flow freely and promote healing. This treatment is growing in popularity amongst those who wish for a gentle yet powerful experience of healing, relaxation and tranquility.

ear candling

Ear Candling (also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy) is another ancient practice which uses specially made "candles", often infused with soothing or stimulating herbs and ingredients, which are inserted just inside the ear. As the candle burns down, the subtle warmth and the vibration from the movement of the air can produce soothing and healing effects. This treatment has been known to aid in the relief of sinus issues, hay fever, excess wax and headaches and is a popular treatment bringing about deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. I always finish my ear candling treatments with a mini face massage just to make it extra special!

indian head massage

This ancient technique has been part of Indian family life for well over 1000 years and is a deeply relaxing treatment that was originally intended for use to improve scalp and hair condition. However, its benefits range far beyond this and the variety of different movements involved in a "champissage" treatment, including circular massage, pressure points and stretching in varying degrees of pressure around the face, head, neck and shoulders can leave the recipient feeling serene and light as well as alert and clear-headed. It is a powerful stress-buster and can also be helpful in releasing muscular tension and relieving headaches. 


holistic therapy is not intended to replace orthodox medicine

...always consult your GP or Health Professional if you have any ongoing health issues before engaging in any holistic treatments...

reiki choku rei