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The Bohemian

yoga and holistic therapy

Yoga Bohemian's Shop

I love to work with crystals and here's my little emporium where you'll always be able to find a selection Crystal Healing Jewellery

as well as anything else I create for you...

If there's anything in particular you're after that you don't see here, get in touch and I will see if I can help!

Chakra Crystal Droppers : from £6 

These chakra crystal droppers are a wonderful way to bring the gentle healing power of your crystals into your home, work, car or any other space you inhabit! 

Made with a spectrum of lovely crystal chips, each chakra is represented to bring balance to your personal energy and that of your space... 

Crystals love to be near you and will become attuned to your unique vibration to more you use them! 

Periodically cleanse your crystals using water, moonlight, sunlight or sage/incense...

All items come beautifully packaged with a brief explanation of their healing properties and care instructions making them an ideal gift.

See below for what's available right now!