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The Bohemian

yoga and holistic therapy

About The Yoga Bohemian

:: Core Values ::

With openness and honesty, I strive to create a safe space where we can support and empower each other, nurturing a sense of belonging and moving together towards the achievement of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by honouring our authentic selves...

these values are the heart of what The Yoga Bohemian is all about...

The Yoga Bohemian

The Meaning Behind The Bohemian Logo

My logo is a simple and easily recognisable image of a triple moon with the symbol of OM at its centre...

OM is the universal sound and is used in many spiritual practices, particularly those around yoga and its counterparts to provide power, cleansing and connection.

The triple moon shows our lunar neighbour in her waxing, full and waning aspects, representative of the three phases of the goddess' life: maiden, mother and crone... a more masculine expression of this concept might be youth, warrior, sage.

Regardless of gender, we all contain the spirit of the divine feminine and the divine masculine and each of us will pass through these three phases of life which are to be embraced and explored throughout our personal journey...

Yoga practice is for everyone.

I invite you to leave behind all presuppositions and preconceptions.

All are welcome regardless of gender, colour, creed, religion, ability and status.

In the yoga studio, we are all equals.

As the teacher, I am simply there to guide you through the practice but you are your own best teacher - you decide what is right for you in practice and if something doesn't feel right for your body and mind, there is always an alternative avenue to follow.

This is what yoga is for me and this is how I offer it to you...

In love, light and for the highest good.

The Yoga Bohemian

:: my spiritual influences :: 

Though I follow no organised religion and my beliefs are very fluid and undefined, it's hard to do this kind of work without some basis in spiritual influences.

I am mainly drawn to the simple practices of a pagan system of observation and appreciation of nature and natural cycles of the earth, stars and universe. Of particular interest to me are the Celtic and Norse pantheons of my own personal lineage, especially when it comes to my own practices.

My journey into the knowledge of yoga has naturally led me to an interest in knowledge of the Hindu and Buddhist myths, legends and traditions and this knowledge is also offered through some of my yoga sessions... 

I like to centre my personal practice and the sessions I offer around lunar cycles, the changing seasons and I sometimes touch on the pagan sabbats to help me with theming my yoga practices. 

But you don't need any kind of religious beliefs to enjoy yoga!!! 

Yoga, energy healing and divination in themselves have no religious affiliation as they are simply spiritual practices whereby you connect with yourself and the universal energy we all share...

Cheryl Marren The Yoga Bohemian

Cheryl Marren


I'm Cheryl and besides teaching yoga, practising my therapies and giving readings, I am very creative and I am hungry to learn... I love to feel and sense the awe and wonder in the world and I rarely say no to an opportunity.

I write stories and poetry, I journal and I study everything and anything that interests me. 

I also love any crafty hobbies and I'll turn my hand to anything: knitting, crochet, sewing, jewellery making, painting and design... anything!

I love music and dance and I dabble about with playing musical instruments: flute, recorder, harp, guitar mainly and recently I have started again to teach myself to play the piano. There's a lot of magic in sounds and music. 

I have 2 children, a beautiful black cat and a wonderful husband and home in Shropshire UK. This loving foundation and the support of my family throughout all my crazy schemes has enabled me to follow my dreams...


hatha :: nidra :: vinyasa :: yin

I love the way yoga combines movement with breath to build awareness in body, mind and spirit...


energy healing

crystal healing :: reiki :: massage

I've loved crystals since I was a child... I have always been drawn to their mystical energy... 


psychic reading

tarot :: oracle :: runes

I see the Tarot as a way of opening windows into the present, the past and the many possible futures...


My Qualifications

please see below to see some of the great qualifications I have been collecting so I can bring my practice to you with knowledge and safety...

I'm adding to these all the time so always feel free to come back and have a look at what else I've been doing!

Yoga Trainings:

  • 200hr Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga :: YMCAfit :: 21.08.2019
  • 40hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training :: The Shala / Yoga Alliance :: 03.12.2020
  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training :: The Shala / Yoga Alliance :: 06.01.2021
  • 7hr Toolkit for Teaching Youth Yoga :: LiveLoveYoga / Yoga Alliance :: 08.11.2020
  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training :: YMCAfit :: 08.05.2021

Holistic Therapy Trainings:

  • Working with Crystals (Crystal 1) :: Gem Holistic Centre :: 14.07.2018
  • Crystal Vibrations (Crystal 2) :: Gem Holistic Centre :: 20.10.2018
  • Advanced Crystal Work (Crystal 3) :: Gem Holistic Centre :: 09.11.2019
  • Usui Reiki Training 1st Degree :: Gem Holistic Centre :: 03.11.2019
  • Usui Reiki Training 2nd Degree :: Gem Holistic Centre :: 04.10.2020
  • Ear Candling Diploma :: Solace Holistic Training Academy / The Guild of Holistic Therapists :: 20.08.2020
  • Indian Head Massage Diploma :: Solace Holistic Training Academy / The Guild of Holistic Therapists :: 05.09.2020
  • Mindfulness Diploma :: New Skills Academy :: 02.07.2020
  • Reducing Stress with Meditation and Visualisation Certificate :: New Skills Academy :: 03.07.2020
  • Body Massage :: You In Mind, Telford / The Guild of Beauty Therapists :: 03.07.2022

Safety Trainings:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Certificate - 17.08.2020
  • First Aid (+ Paediatric) :: Cognet/FAIB :: 28.07.2020
  • Standard Precautions - Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection :: World Health Org :: 05.06.2020
  • Standard Precautions - Hand Hygiene :: World Health Org :: 05.06.2020
  • Infection Prevention and Control for Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) :: World Health Org :: 05.06.2020
  • Covid-19 Awareness Training - CIMPSA/Sport England - 29.07.2020
  • Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering :: Safer Food Group :: 30.09.2020
  • GTI Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control :: The Guild of Beauty Therapists :: 20.10.2021
  • GTI Professional Standards for Therapists :: The Guild of Beauty Therapists :: 20.10.2021

Other Qualifications:

  • Batchelor of Arts (Joint Hons) Drama and English :: University of Wales, Aberystwyth :: Class of 2001
  • Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce :: Pearson EDI :: 16.02.2015